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Why Metapharm?

  1. Balance and Normalization

  2. Orthomolecular Medicine

  3. Detoxifying and Alkaline Components

  4. UK & German Products

  5. Targets the Activity of Cells

  6. Legal Authorization

  7. Mandatory Two-Year Clinical Research Phase

  8. Double Quality Tests of Raw Materials

  9. Clinical Microscopy

  10. Permanent Effect


Seasonal Products

10 Reasons to choose meta-pharm’s products



  1. metapharm medicaments balance and normalize the systems in the human organism.

  3. They are based on the principles of orthomolecular medicine (Linus Pauling - Nobel 1954) and phytotherapy.

  5. All formulations have detoxifying and alkaline components, which work supportively on the main active substances, so that with even one product can be reached the best possible result.

  7. They are German products produced by complementary companies, and are subject to strict controls and specifications.

  9. It is very important to take them over a longer period rather than in high dosages. It is recommended they be taken for a minimum of 3 months (which also is the lifespan of a generation of cells in the human blood). metapharm medicaments target the activity of the cells.

  11. All products have legal authorizations for Germany and all EU countries.

  13. In order to be qualified and receive the legal authorization, the substances and the compositions go through a mandatory two-year clinical research phase.

  15. The raw materials undergo stringent double quality tests by certified German control institutions (toxic elements, fungi, etc.).

  17. The products are subject to continuous monitoring through clinical microscopy of blood cells, with different testing methods in order to monitor and establish their effectiveness in the human cells.

  19. The dosages and the combinations of the substances are tested and they are also updated on a regular basis in order to achieve a permanent effect.

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